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Program Enrollment

"The best way to understand and appreciate TNG Kids 

is to spend time with us by booking

a trial lesson/school tour."

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Arrange a date for a trial lesson with our administration team.


Experience TNG Kids first hand!


Confirm payment, complete enrollment form and receive uniform (T-shirt).


Join the TNG community and start learning!

School fees consist of an admission fee, annual fee, tuition, and school uniform (T-shirt). 

Our payment system will be explained in detail during the trial lesson/school tour.

Tuition & Payments

  • Tuition is paid monthly

  • There is a 10% sibling discount

  • Annual lump sum payment will receive an extra 5% discount

  • All tuition fees are subject to 10% consumption tax.

  • All tuition fees are non-refundable.


Please feel free to contact us directly if your question is not addressed below

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Q1. Is it possible to enroll in the middle of the term?

Yes, as long as there are open spots, it is possible to apply in the middle of the term.

Happy Twins

Q4. Why are there mixed age groups in the classroom?

A Montessori classroom with mixed age groups encourages peer interaction and shared learning.

Eating Breakfast

Q2. Do you offer short-term programs?

No, our school works on a three-month system, so we ask all those enrolling to sign up for at least three months.

Art Class

Q5. Is it a problem if my child cannot speak English (the parents cannot speak English)?

Our staff has experience teaching kids with little to no English ability. There are also  bilingual English- and Japanese-speaking staff members, so please do not worry.

Girls in Painting Class

Q3. Do you offer make-up lessons for last-minute absences?

Yes, we offer make-up lessons even if you notify us on the day that your child will be absent. 

Halloween Pumpkin

Q6. Are there any events where the parents must participate?

No, seasonal events such as Christmas parties are only held for kids. 

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