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Kids in Art Class


Dear All, 


Thank you for your continued support and cooperation at T.N.G. Academy.


We are happy to announce this year's Summer Camp!


We are pleased to inform you that all of our camps are now open for registration. 

Let's have fun practicing and learning English this summer!

We have an early bird campaign going on as well! 


T.N.G. Kids 6~12 歳: Tsukishima Campus 6階 


7月24日〜8月25日 09:00-14:00 (5 hours)

*extra fee if you wish to participate in our regular class until 19:00


・Week1 7/24 - 7/28 (theme: Abstract expressionism - Painting)

・Week 2 7/31-8/4 (theme: travel to Hawaii - volcano building!)

・Week 3 8/7-8/10 (theme: My Story - using LEGO to tell a story by stop motion)


・Week 4 8/21-8/25 (theme: Matsuri - summer festival Japanese games, yukata, etc)



・English Lesson (phonics, reading, and writing.) 

 English classes where each child can learn comfortably at their own level. We will prepare  lessons catering to different English levels from beginner to native levels.


・Weekly theme study 

 (A unique project based theme that changes weekly. We will do projects that are hard to do  at home and cannot usually do at regular school.)

・Art Lesson (art, drawing, crafts, etc.)


・Outdoor play

・Physical training (dance, yoga, circuit training) 



   TNG members

・Week 1 – 7/24~7/28: 5 days:¥49,500

・Week 2 –7/31~8/4: 5 days:¥49,500

・Week 3 – 8/7~8/10: 4 days:¥39,600

・Week 4 – 8/21~8/25: 5days:¥49,500

*Including tax

Applications are generally accepted on a weekly basis. 


Option: (Tax included) 

・Regular class from 14:00 ¥5,500

*We may not be able to accept your request if capacity is reached. 


 Non TNG members

・Week 1 – 7/24~7/28: 5 days:¥55,000

・Week 2 –7/31~8/4: 5 days:¥55,000

・Week 3 – 8/7~8/10: 4 days:¥44,000

・Week 4 – 8/21~8/25: 5 days:¥55,000

*Including tax

Applications are generally accepted on a weekly basis.


Option:(Tax included)

・Regular class from 14:00 ¥6,600

*We may not be able to accept your request if capacity is reached. 。


・For 2 weeks course: 5%OFF

・For 3 weeks course: 10%OFF

・For 4 weeks course: 15%OFF


We are also conducting summer schools for children 1.5 ~ 3yrs / 3 ~ 6 yrs at our Tsukiji location.

For further information please contact the email below.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us any time.

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