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Kids in Art Class

Winter Camp 2023


TNG Kids Winter Camp (Winter Wonderland) 

Age: 6~12

Date: 12/25, 26, 27 

Time: 9:00~14:00

Place: TNG Kids 

Address: Tokyo, Chuo ku, Tsukishima 1-1-8 CITTA 6th floor

Price:TNG member¥11,000/ TNG non member ¥12,000


・12/25 Gingerbread house making

We will be decorating gingerbread houses with icing, gummies, candies etc. Children can choose to work in groups or individually. We will later do a small presentation of each gingerbread house!

・ 12/26 Snowman making out of DIY snow

On this day we will be making fake snow out of Baking soda and hair conditioner. After we make the snow we will start to build our own mini snowman! 

・ 12/27 Igloo building

A fun group project where we will be building an igloo out of cardboard and painting it. 


Daily schedule: 

9:00-9:15: Drop off. 

9:15~9:30:Circle time. 

Circle Time helps students connect with each other in a meaningful way. Teachers set the tone for the rest of the day by checking in with each student, encouraging communication in English, and going over basic expectations regarding behavior.

9:30~10:30:English Lab:

English Lab aims at increasing vocabulary and improving listening and speaking skills. Students are encouraged to acquire practical English communication skills through play activities. Our goal is for our students to cultivate a love for learning and speaking English

10:30~11:15: Physical education. 

If the weather is nice we will go play at the park or riverside nearby. If the weather is bad we will do various activities such as dance, yoga, and dodgeball in the dance studio.

11:15~11:30:Montessori work time/cool down 

Children are encouraged to engage in individual or small-group activities, including brain games such as chess and Gravity Maze, Rubik’s cubes, paper crafts, card games, puzzles, Kapla or Lego, etc.

11:30~12:15: Lunchtime 

12:15~11:30:Clean up

After lunch, we will all clean up together and get ready for project time. 

12:30~13:30:Project time 

We will be making projects according to the daily theme. These hands-on projects allow students to develop creative freedom and learn by engaging their senses.

13:30~14:00:Reading time 

The school has several books at different levels. Students will read books that are appropriate for their level. The Teachers will provide reading support to each student.

14:00 Goodbye


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask

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